My Orthorexia Recovery

“Intuitive Eating and Body Acceptance is so challenging in this culture. We need to unlearn so many disordered dieting tips and address our internalized fatphobia. It takes time and effort to become aware of all the lies diet culture has told us and to develop more helpful ways of thinking and behaving to repair our... Continue Reading →

Performative Eating

I was recently at a weekend retreat with some fellow entrepreneurs. We had such an inspiring time of learning and connecting and growing together. We spent the weekend eating DELICIOUS plant based meals. At the end of th event we were surprised with a trip to Universal CityWalk and were all excited about eating at... Continue Reading →

What IS Intuitive Eating?

I started this new year with the most food freedom I've ever felt, and I talked about why it can feel really scary as we move to this new way of thinking and eating. But what IS intuitive eating anyway? The following is an excerpt from "Essentially, Intuitive Eating is a personal process of... Continue Reading →

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