No Diet January

The holidays have come and gone and it’s a brand new decade. What?! Anybody else still feel like the 90’s was like yesterday?

As with any new year I’m seeing my social media flooded with detoxes and cleanses and lots and lots of diets and weight loss programs. Most of the posts start with something like “I ate sooo many sweets over the holidays and it’s time to get back on track…no sugar January!” or “I was so bad over the holidays, time to get this body back in shape…hitting the gym for #nodaysoffjanuary!”.

I used to do these posts too. I used to feel bad and/or guilty about what I had eaten over the holidays and jump into a program for the new year to “get back on track”. But here’s the thing. I don’t feel bad OR guilty anymore for the amazing memories I made over the holidays, that yes, included lots of yummy food.

I feel no need to punish my body for food choices with exercise, or to restrict my eating to teach my body a lesson, or to implement strict rules around food in order to detox from the holidays.

My new year starts with self care and so much love. I connect with and listen to my body. I move my body because it makes me feel good, and in ways that feel good to me. I eat foods that make me feel good. I pay attention when certain foods don’t make me feel good. The more I do it, the more intuitive it becomes. No rules, no counting, no guilt, no shame.

How can this be? Well I’m glad you asked 😉

Here’s what I’ve learned in my decade in the health & fitness industry.

  1. Diets don’t work. It’s proven. I know we’ve been taught it’s the only way to achieve a magical number on the scale to make us worthy of happiness, but that’s a big fat lie.
  2. Food does not have a moral value, and you are not bad OR good for eating certain ones.
  3. Exercise is neither a punishment for eating or a way to earn food. We don’t have to do ANYthing in order to eat.
  4. Every body is different, and we all have to find what movement and foods work best for us.
  5. Our bodies are AMAZING and if we listen closely to them they give us very smart cues as to what makes them feel their best.

Intuitive eating is a practice, and breaking free of years and years of being fed diet culture lies is not an easy thing. But I’m here to tell you that food freedom is attainable.

I’m going to be talking more about intuitive eating all month long. If this is something you want to learn more about be sure to subscribe to this blog.

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  1. I love this! Around 2 years ago our family started eating a more plant based diet and made healthier choices in our food. We did not count calories, we did not work out for hours and hours, we did not restrict the amount we ate. We just ate healthy, real food, and my husband and I both lost quite a bit of weight without doing anything extra. The crap has made it’s way back into the house (pointing finger at myself here) and we have gained back some of what we lost. Changing our mindset is hard but I know we can do it, and as soon as we focus on healthy again we will feel better, whether we lose the weight or not.

    I am looking forward to your future posts 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing! I love when we really tune in and know what makes us feel good. And the cool part is we can always come back to those things.

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