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I’m a rebel at heart. I’m also a total Star Wars nerd. lol But I’m not talking about fighting the First Order or the dark side, I’m talking about fighting against society’s ridiculous obsession with a beauty standard that cannot be achieved.

Everywhere we look we are being told that we are not enough – not skinny enough, not curvy enough, not young enough, not tall enough, not fit enough. Our society PROFITS from us feeling like we are not enough.

Beauty is a billion dollar industry! We need all the beauty products, all the diets, all the clothes, plastic surgery, Botox, lipo, all the hair products, lash extensions, spray tans, high heels, anti aging treatments, wraps, creams, pills…all so that we MIGHT get close to that good enough image they want us to strive for.  But the thing is, we will never get there.  As much as we strive for it, we will never achieve “perfection” because that image of perfect is always changing.

When I was younger everyone tweezed and waxed their eyebrows very thin.  It was that ideal that we were supposed to be. And now, thick, full eyebrows are what we are supposed to have. But all of us that over tweezed back in the day are now not able to get those full eyebrows.  So I’m totally using a product to help them grow, and another product to fill them in each day. This is a silly example, but it shows that society’s standards are always changing. (I mean remember the super thin models back then too, and now we are all supposed to have a super small waist but a big butt and curves everywhere else?!)

My point is if we strive for perfection, whether it’s society’s version or one of our own, we will always fail. Instead let’s REBEL against perfection and love ourselves instead!

Let’s focus on getting rid of those things around us that only fuel our negative body image. Pay close attention to what things make you feel.  When you are watching tv/movies, think about what the actors make you feel about your body.  When you are looking at celebrity news online, scrolling through social media or reading magazines, are you comparing yourself to what you see (sometimes without even knowing it)?  Are all your friends negative body talkers or do they body shame others? Any of these things that we answered yes to are things that we need to purge!

Be hyper aware of things around you, and make a conscious effort to get rid of those things that only fuel negative self-talk.

Maybe you need to unfollow some social media accounts, or stop buying that magazine, or stop watching that one reality show.

You may find that some of these things actually make you feel good about yourself, and that’s great.  Keep more of those things around!

It’s a process, and it takes time and thought, but we CAN change little things at a time to create a more body positive mindset.

I don’t know about you, but I like being a rebel. 😉

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