What Do You See In The Mirror?

What words come to your mind when you look in the mirror?

I spent years wrestling with my own self talk about what I see in the mirror. I would whisper negativity to myself and expect that to somehow promote change. I exercised from a place of loathing my body.  But something that I learned over time is that no matter what state my body was in, even at my most fit, those words would still appear.  And I still hated them.

The beliefs I told myself about myself and my body, whether they were true or false, impacted every aspect of my life. When I didn’t feel like my body was good enough, I also didn’t feel like I was enough – not a good enough wife or a good enough mom, not a good enough friend, not good enough at my job.  Something had to change.

I decided that in order to really create change, to really be happy with that image in the mirror, I was going to start a journey of ONLY POSITIVE SELF TALK.  At first, it felt cheesy and dishonest – I didn’t believe the things I was telling myself. But after some consistency, I noticed something amazing. I was beginning to FALL IN LOVE with those words, that image in the mirror. I really started studying the brain and putting into practice some simple self-love exercises I was learning from experts, and focusing on self-care so that I could put my best self forward.  The coolest thing started to happen – my inner dialogue started to EMPOWER me instead of defeat me. It was working!

Three years into this practice and I’m an expert at loving myself. Those words are still there (along with some new truth words). I no longer see these words in a negative way.  I love these words.  And y’all, nobody else’s words even penetrate my brain anymore. I love that image in the mirror and no one can tell me otherwise. I can’t tell you how freeing that is! Now, this doesn’t mean that I don’t still want to change and improve my body.  Does it feel like a contradiction to love your body and also to want to change it? The difference is it’s coming from a place of LOVE instead of hate.  Loving me and all that I am pushes me to make HEALTHY CHOICES, motivates me to MOVE, encourages me to take the BEST care of me that I can, so that I can LOVE OTHERS 100%.

You see when I was so focused on negative self talk, constantly pointing out my “flaws” to myself, I didn’t have any room in my brain or my heart for others.  It was such a self-centered way to live.  Now that I am at the top of my to-do list, I get myself out of the way and have so much room for SERVING, LOVING, POURING INTO others!  I am a better wife, a better mom, a better friend and I am GREAT at my job because I have authentic empathy and solutions for my clients!

Do you wish that you could look in the mirror, see those words, and still love what you see? Are you longing to change your inner dialogue? Do you want to feel EMPOWERED to make the healthiest choices because of how much you LOVE YOU?  Are you ready to be the best version of you so that you can love others well?

I have taken my years of experience, my failures, my continued education, my personal development, my practice and my successes and put them into my brand new program Limitless for YOU!

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