What Protein Powder Do I Recommend?

FullSizeRender 74Protein powders are 90% of the total $7 billion American sports nutrition market. HOW do you find the one that’s right for you in such a huge industry?!

As a personal trainer, I am approached very frequently and asked to try products, mostly protein powders. I tried many brands over the years and finally landed on ONE. It’s the only one that I use personally and recommend to my clients.What about this particular protein powder gave me the confidence to put my name and business behind it? First, and most important to me, is it tastes GREAT! Like seriously good. Like I feel guilty for having it good. Like is this dessert or what good. Like there’s no way this has plants in it good. Affectionately called veggie crack by those in the know. đŸ˜‚ Second, it’s dairy & gluten free and packed with whole foods for a protein, carb and fiber balance without junky fillers. Third, it’s NSF certified, meaning even pro & Olympic athletes can use it. Finally, it’s vegan.

Because this protein powder is low glycemic and high in fiber, it helps to regulate the blood sugar making me feel full longer without a spike and crash in energy. I start every morning with a smoothie using this amazing protein powder and often use it again post workout.

I am in LOVE with my Juice Plus+ Complete!! Get your hands on your own veggie crack (lol) HERE!

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