Gaga Body Shaming

If you missed Lady Gaga’s halftime performance during Super Bowl LI and just read the social media posts about it, you probably took this away from it “wow, she killed that performance but her stomach rolls were so distracting. She should have covered her stomach.”  WHAT?!! Before you read on, make sure you have actually seen the performance so you can understand what I’m about to talk about.  View it in it’s entirety HERE.

Now, I don’t know about you, but when I watched that all I could think was “WOW!  She jumped off the roof and then totally KILLED it!  Her voice is phenomenal! What an AWESOME show!” But the internet does what it does best (reducing women to nothing more than their body) and tore into Gaga’s outfit change mid-performance.

634015056It’s empowering to see someone on such a public stage celebrate her (granted, small) body. But the internet wasn’t having it.  (I will not give any of the horrendous shamers a spot on my blog by reposting their hate.  I suggest that you don’t give them a spot in your brain by reading their crap either.)

We wonder why endless dieting and eating disorders and dangerous weight loss drugs and plastic surgeries are so prevalent among women. Or why women are obsessed with achieving that (completely unattainable) “perfect” body.

Women and young girls see this famous performer, and may relate to her because of her unphotoshopped body, but then are immediately told over and over again on the internet that this unphotoshopped body is not enough and should have been covered up.  They look down and see that they too have an unphotoshopped body and feel ashamed.

And let’s not forget that this unphotoshopped body we are talking about is thin. What then do people in larger bodies feel about themselves, after being told that only small bodies are good, but then being told that even this small body is “not enough”. It brings me to tears!

WHY are we even talking about her body in the first place?! Why do women not get to do anything without it coming back to “but let’s talk about her body”?!

Women: YOU ARE ENOUGH!  Tall, short, muscular, fat, thin…YOU are enough! All bodies are good bodies. You are SO MUCH more than just a body, but your body is good!  Don’t be shamed into hiding it!

Stay far far away from people or social media accounts or magazines or anything else that body shames on the regular.  It’s really hard to read things like what people were saying about Gaga without letting it sink in. So just stay away from it!  Maybe you need to unfollow some accounts, maybe you even need to unfollow some friends. Maybe it’s needing to cancel a magazine subscription or to stop watching certain shows. Do what it takes to get those ridiculous, FALSE beliefs out of your life.  And don’t be afraid to post those selfies girls!  Love yourself and celebrate you!

Lady Gaga, you are SO SO talented and you ROCKED that halftime show!!

SOURCE: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images


UPDATE: of course Gaga had an awesome response to this foolishness. LOVE

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